- 46 boys in the Boy's Home 2 & 3(a home for Primary & Secondary school going boys)
- 18 girls are in the Girl's Home (a home for girls)
- 20 are in Boy's Home 1 (Skill Training Centre (a home form non-school going boys)
- (40 are in the primary & secondary education)


" 18yr - Above = 09
" 14yr - 17yr = 30
" 10yr - 13yr = 27
" 07yr - 09yr = 14
" 04yr - 06yr = 04

o Chinese Children - 26
o Indian Children - 47
o Orang Asli Children- 11

Referrals for our orphanage home comes from the National Social Welfare Department, police, hospitals, churches, prison departments, NGO's, individuals, foreign embassy and family members.


" Girls needed protection from abuse, neglect and poverty.

" The girls attend the schools and consistently receive support, guidance and direction for their lives. Currently we have 18 girls in this house.

" In their free time our staff will teach them skills to do tailoring, knitting and other hand works.


(Boys 13 - 17 Years of age) Boys Home 2 has 28 boys. They do group studies and organize their own game and competition to keep their fitness. All will receive motivation and guidance to understand life and it is meaning.


(Boys 4 - 12 Years of age) Boys Home 3 has 18 boys. This group has their own tuitions and game time supervised by our staff.

" Boys from broken families are placed here. Many have suffered neglect, abuse and poverty.

" These homes are divided into two groups.
Primary School Boys are in Boys Home 2 & the secondary school going boys are in Boys Home 1.

" Toddles that are abundant, neglected or abused are also placed here.

" Now there are 5 children in toddlers category staying here, regularly we have English & Handy Work by our staff and volunteers from the Association of British Women in Malaysia (ABWM)

" Our main emphasis for these children is to nurture and to build self-esteem. The safe and caring environment of the home helps them to regain their trust in adults.


(Children with chronic illnesses) Children with various chronic illnesses are cared here. Due to the dread diseases these children were thrown or abandon in the hospitals or other places.

" In this home they were given care & love. We try to provide them with little luxury because their life span is limited.

" Currently 2 boys with various sicknesses are being cared in this home which is fully furnished with air conditioned and best water filtering system.

*Currently We have ceased operational.


(Non-Schooling Boys) " The boys have experienced conflicts at home and have stopped schooling. Here they will have in-house skill and vocational trainings together with character development programmes.

" Once these boys reach 16 years of age, they will be referred to Community Colleges to be trained under the government guided Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia training for 2 years.

" So far 30 boys have been graduated from such training schools and are working now.

" These boys once were thrown out by their loved ones thinking they are good for nothing but now they have a certificate which is honored by our government and earning a decent living!

Please contact me for further information & clarifications.


Children with emotional problems will be counseled by professional counselors engaged by the board.