Dear caring partners,

Sincere greeting from all of us at Shepherd's Centre Foundation.

For those of you who have paid us a visit we would like to thank you for taking precious time to bless our children. Your words of encouragement, assurance of assistance and donations given freely towards our work means a lot to us.
Through your giving, you have given them hope for a brighter future.

In the words of Scripture, thank you for being a tree:
" Whose roots reach the water
" Whose branches are refreshed with dew

Your giving will indeed be regarded by God as good deeds in defense of the oppressed, the orphans, the widows and the destitute. As you bless them with your giving, you will in turn be blessed by the manifold Grace of God manifested in happiness, peace and prosperity.

Thank you for
...your concern for us when we were neglected for us when we needed it most for us when we were forgotten.

Humbly Submitting,

Pastor Jacop & Bridget David